12 Simple Tips to Prevent Asthma Attacks

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Asthma is a common disease that continues to affect a significant section of the population across the entire globe. There are many people around the world living with asthma considering the increased risks factors that have been largely contributed by modern lifestyle. Fortunately, with modern advances in medicine, diagnosing asthma has become much easier. There are different types of asthma with each requiring varying levels of care and medication. Asthma can either be mild or greatly interfere with your daily activities, serious cases can be life-threatening. In most cases, patients are given inhalers that help them feel comfortable and deal with any sudden attacks. If you have asthma, it’s not the end of the world, you can live a comfortable life and have minimal interruptions. Below are some simple measures you can take to prevent asthma attacks.

Thoroughly Wash and Clean Your Bedding

It is recommended to wash your bedding at least once a week in hot water. This helps to get rid of dust mites. It’s best to use allergy-proof covers both on your mattresses and pillows to prevent coming into contact with dust. Using a dehumidifier will help you get rid of too much moisture and keep mold at bay.

Stay Away From Pets

Pet dander can trigger asthma symptoms and it is recommended not to allow pets into your bedroom or on top of furniture. Even though, we would like to be close to our pets, having them too close especially on bedding and furniture could trigger allergies that worsen asthma symptoms.

Avoid Keeping Carpets in Bedrooms

If you must have a carpet in your room, you need to have it vacuumed at least twice per week using equipment that comes with a HEPA air filter. In addition, having stuffed toys in your room is not a wise idea.

Ensure Your House is Well Aerated

Damp houses provide the perfect conditions for mold to occur. People suffering from asthma should never come into contact with mold so you need to put in place measures to reduce or stop mold in your house. Bathrooms should be kept clean and dry and windows should be opened regularly to allow in fresh air.

Avoid Smokers/ Smoking Areas

Asthma patients can easily suffer an attack when they come into contact with smoke. For this reason, avoid going to places where people are smoking as any slight inhalation is enough to cause you problems. When traveling, you should be booked into smoke-free rooms.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals and Cleaning Products

Some household cleaners produce fumes and chemical compounds that can easily trigger an asthma attack. While at home, avoid inhaling any kind of fumes.

Avoid Getting Stressed

We are living in a modern society that comes with a lot of stress. Extreme emotions and worry can worsen your symptoms of asthma. It is important to take time off your routine schedule and relax doing something you love.

Be Careful With Weather Changes

Areas with poor air quality or extreme heat and humidity can exacerbate the symptoms of asthma. If you’re in such areas, limit your engagements outdoor to stay safe.

Stay Warm

People suffering from asthma need to keep warm at all times. If you have to exercise, it is advisable to exercise indoors especially if it is extremely cold outside.

Inform People Around You Have Asthma

It is important for asthma patients to let their family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors know about their condition. This is beneficial as you can be able to get help quickly in the event of an emergency.

Have Emergency Medication With You

Always have your inhaler and emergency medication with you. If you have an asthmatic child, let the school authorities know about their condition including the school nurse. Also know the nearest hospital just in case an emergency that requires medical attention arises.

Talk to School Authorities

Chalk dust can trigger an asthmatic attack and for this reason, you should inform your child’s teachers to allow them sit far from the chalkboard.

The above are some of the simple steps you can exercise to prevent asthmatic attacks. Being knowledgeable is the best way to stay safe and live a normal life.