3 Fruits to Totally Avoid During Pregnancy

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Did you know during pregnancy there are foods you are supposed to eat and not eat? Pregnancy is the most sensitive time for a woman and her unborn baby. If you are pregnant, it’s essential to take extra care of yourself by watching what you put in your mouth. Pregnancy affects your immune system and make you and the child vulnerable to bacteria and viruses that cause foodborne diseases. There are some fruits you need to avoid during pregnancy. You don’t want consuming any fruit that may cause you and your baby harm. So, ensure you only eat the best fruits and stay away from these fruits.


Consuming raw or semi ripe papaya during pregnancy is dangerous. On the other hand, eating ripe papaya in moderation will not harm the unborn baby. Ripe papayas contain very low level of papain which is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and has plenty of other health benefits.

Raw or partially ripe papaya is full of latex which can trigger uterine contractions resulting to miscarriage in early pregnancy stages and preterm birth in later pregnancy stages. Actually, doctors at times prescribe raw papaya to induce labor pain. Women who live in remote areas use unripe papaya to induce abortions for unwanted pregnancies. The enzymes found in papaya not only cause abortion but also affect the physiological growth of the fetus.

Raw and semi-ripe papaya weakens vital membrane and breaks down protein enzyme causing cell dissociation to the unborn baby. As a result this weakens the cell growth and development of tissues of the fetus. It also affects the blood sugar level and unsafe to mothers suffering from gestational diabetes. In addition, unripe papaya can cause high pressure on blood vessels which can lead to internal bleeding and bleeding in the placenta.


Do you love eating grapes? As much as grapes may have amazing advantages to you and your developing baby. There is a lot of arguments regarding eating grapes during pregnancy. Some medical experts advise women to abstain eating grapes while pregnant while other recommend eating in small amounts.

Experts that recommend consuming of grapes argue that the fruits are rich source of vitamins, organic acids, antioxidants and minerals. Grapes have been found to assist in treating anemia, improve immunity and metabolism.

Experts that advocate against eating grapes during pregnancy argue that the pesticides used on grape plants to keep insects away make the fruit not edible during pregnancy. Grapes are rich in resveratrol a natural compound found on the skin which is poisonous and can harm both the mother and the developing baby.Resveratrol poisoning can also cause various complications in the course of pregnancy. In addition, this compound can cause constipation as the skin of the grapes are tough to digest properly.

Whichever the arguments, it’s best to stay away from grapes when pregnant especially if you are obese, suffer from diabetes mellitus, allergic to grapes and suffer from digestive problems.


Although pineapples are a great source of minerals, vitamins and proteins, they are not the best fruits to eat when pregnant. Pineapple is a rich in an enzyme known as bromelain that causes weakening of the cervix resulting to preterm labor or miscarriage. The fruit is also high in sugar which is not good for pregnant women with gestational diabetes.