5 Awesome Free Period Tracking Apps That Are a Must-Have

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Do you know the length of your menstrual cycle? Do you find it challenging to keep track of your menstrual cycle each month? Understanding how menstruation works will enable you to learn how your cycle works. Menstruation is part of your body and a way of preparing for a possible pregnancy each month. Knowing how the process works is essential because it comes in handy when trying to get pregnant or avoiding to get pregnant. It enables you to be in a position to better manage your menstrual symptoms and understand when you might be having a problem.

Today, thanks to technology there are many fertility apps out there that you install on your smartphone to help in monitoring and tracking your menstrual cycle. Tracking your mental cycle is no longer a stressful and confusing exercise. A few years ago, women took a long time to correctly know the length of their cycle. But, the modern women can easily track their cycle by just downloading an app.

There are many specialized apps to choose from depending on your life. For instance, there are specific period tracker for athletes. However, many basic apps monitor cycles and symptoms for average women, just what they need. With that in mind here are awesome free period tracking apps that are a must have.


This app is basic and neutral but has other helpful features. If you are looking for an app that represent your reproductive info with flowers petals and pink labels, Clue is not the app for you. Clue offers red, green, white and blue colors. It has a simple and straight forward alphabet blocks and a medical chart depending on how you use it. The app can be used by both iOS and Android users.


Unlike Clue app which is basic and simple, Eve comes with awesome wall stickers. It will remind you of your cycles in emoji laces notifications and your every log is represented by a colorful drawing rather than plain old ticket. The app also comes with an encyclopedia of information on birth control. So, if you are looking for an app with personality, Eve is the deal for you. It available on iOS and Android.


Flo app is an amazing tracker that comes with different colors, from pink to white. Compared to Eve app, Flo is more toned down. Symptoms are shown in pictures rather than text. The app is also passcode protected for those who prefer to keep their business private. It’s available for Android and iOS users.

Period Tracker

If you are looking for a simple and straight to the point app, then period tracker is your best choice. This app has a simple calendar where you can add your information by day. The app makes you information look all planned out and neatly arranged. Aside from tracking your cycle, you can use it to as a day planner.  It has a paid version but it’s not very different from the free version, both seem to handle basic information. Both are available for iOS and Android users.

Period Diary

Period Diary has more than 30 period symptoms and 20 moods that you can track. It syncs with your calendar app so you can have all your period information in one place.  The app has a passcode protection and the icon says P.D instead of Period Diary if you don’t want people to be in your menstrual business. It’s available on iOS and Android.