7 Awesome Ways to Have a Fun-filled Pregnancy

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Immediately you discover you’re pregnant, the clock towards your due date begins ticking marking the beginning of a 9-month journey. Pregnancy doesn’t need to be boring or cause you anxiety. Many expectant women already know the dos and donts of pregnancy, however not many know what you need to do to make your pregnancy more interesting and exciting. When you’re well prepared for pregnancy, you will enjoy your entire 9-months and avoid having episodes of stress and anxiety. So, are you looking for creative ways to spice up your pregnancy? You don’t need to be frightened about how you will cope during your expectancy period, the following fun tips will help you to have an easier time.

Go Shopping

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you should lock yourself indoors. Try to make your days interesting by venturing outdoors for shopping. You can pick your favorite groceries, begin early shopping for the baby or shop to donate to charity. You can also shop for friends or family if you know anyone with an upcoming occasion such as a birthday. Shopping is one of the best ways to have a productive day.


Dancing is one of the best ways not only to have fun during pregnancy but to ensure you remain physically fit. Babies in the womb love music and when you exercise. In fact, experts recommend regular exercises for women during pregnancy with dancing featuring among the top fun exercises. You can also put music and dance in your living room if you want an informal dancing session. Enrolling for dance lessons is a great idea.


Rather than remain indoors and get bored, step out of the house and plant and tend to your favorite flowers and plants. Spending time doing various gardening tasks such as watering and watching your plants grown is a great fun activity. If you love gardening, you shouldn’t stop just because you’re pregnant.

Go On a Trip

Travelling while you’re pregnant is a fantastic way to unwind and have fun during pregnancy. Going on a trip doesn’t necessarily mean you have to travel far away. A day trip with family or friends will help you experience a different environment. Some of the places worth visiting include museums, amusement park, festivals or a beach trip.

Document Your Pregnancy

You can choose to regularly take a photo of your belly-bump, note down your cravings and feelings or what your unborn baby is doing i.e. are they kicking or hiccupping. Noting down these events make your pregnancy journey more interesting and you also have an accurate record of every detail that you won’t possibly remember without documenting.

Have Conversations with Your Baby

This might sound weird but women agree you can talk to your belly and hear an answer such hear your baby kicking. Interesting and funny conversations you can have with your kid include what they could love to eat, what they like doing for fun, their favorite colors etc. Having some made-up imaginary answers will add to the fun. This is also a perfect way of bonding.

Go on Dates

During pregnancy, make plans with your spouse or partner to go out on dates such as picnics, watching a movie on the big screen, candlelight romantic dinner or a B&B weekend out. All these are splendid ways of having fun with your partner.