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7 Awesome Ways to Have a Fun-filled Pregnancy

Immediately you discover you’re pregnant, the clock towards your due date begins ticking marking the beginning of a 9-month journey. Pregnancy doesn’t need to be boring or cause you anxiety. Many expectant women already know the dos and donts of pregnancy, however not many know what you need to do to make your pregnancy more interesting and exciting. When you’re well prepared for pregnancy, you will enjoy your entire 9-months and avoid having episodes of stress and anxiety. So, are you looking for creative ways to spice up your pregnancy? You don’t need to be frightened about how you will cope during your expectancy period, the following fun tips will help you to have an easier time.

Go Shopping

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you should lock yourself indoors. Try to make your days interesting by venturing outdoors for shopping. You can pick your favorite groceries, begin early shopping for … Read More

Are You Having High Cholesterol? Include These 10 Foods In Your Diet

Many people have high cholesterol and they’re not aware which is extremely risky. Unfortunately, alarmingly high cholesterol levels have a negative impact on your health and it is for this reason you need to ensure your cholesterol level is kept low. High cholesterol has been blamed for a number of serious health conditions such as heart attacks, stroke, gallstones and digestive system diseases among others. Eating LDL foods (this is the bad cholesterol) is not advisable as it causes a buildup of fat, waxy deposits in your arteries which is dangerous.

If you have no idea how much cholesterol you have in your body, it is recommended to go for a test to check if you are fine. Changing your diet has a great impact on your cholesterol levels as you will instead consume healthy foods that contain HDL (the good and healthy cholesterol). In the past, older people used … Read More

Arrhythmia: Knowing Causes and Types

Heart arrhythmia is a described as the irregular heartbeat that people experience at least once in their lifetime and are not even aware of it. Arrhythmia disrupts the normal pattern can cause your heart to beat too fast, too slow or in an irregular pattern.

The electrical impulses that sends signals to your heart to beat causes arrhythmias. These electrical impulses lead to contractions in the four chambers of your heart which pumps blood through your body. At times, something can go wrong and the heart misses the right beat before it finds its usual rhythm. In many cases, the arrhythmia’s effect can go unnoticed or can have few symptoms. However, there are cases where the symptoms of arrhythmia can be serious and require medical attention.

What Causes Arrhythmia?

When an interruption to the electrical impulses this causes the heart to contract and result into arrhythmia. A person with a … Read More

12 Simple Tips to Prevent Asthma Attacks

Asthma is a common disease that continues to affect a significant section of the population across the entire globe. There are many people around the world living with asthma considering the increased risks factors that have been largely contributed by modern lifestyle. Fortunately, with modern advances in medicine, diagnosing asthma has become much easier. There are different types of asthma with each requiring varying levels of care and medication. Asthma can either be mild or greatly interfere with your daily activities, serious cases can be life-threatening. In most cases, patients are given inhalers that help them feel comfortable and deal with any sudden attacks. If you have asthma, it’s not the end of the world, you can live a comfortable life and have minimal interruptions. Below are some simple measures you can take to prevent asthma attacks.

Thoroughly Wash and Clean Your Bedding

It is recommended to wash your bedding … Read More

5 Awesome Free Period Tracking Apps That Are a Must-Have

Do you know the length of your menstrual cycle? Do you find it challenging to keep track of your menstrual cycle each month? Understanding how menstruation works will enable you to learn how your cycle works. Menstruation is part of your body and a way of preparing for a possible pregnancy each month. Knowing how the process works is essential because it comes in handy when trying to get pregnant or avoiding to get pregnant. It enables you to be in a position to better manage your menstrual symptoms and understand when you might be having a problem.

Today, thanks to technology there are many fertility apps out there that you install on your smartphone to help in monitoring and tracking your menstrual cycle. Tracking your mental cycle is no longer a stressful and confusing exercise. A few years ago, women took a long time to correctly know the length … Read More